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Meet Member of the Week!

Updated: Oct 28, 2021

Cheryl Holling from 19Stories: from Fear to Hope

We asked current member, Cheryl Holling to tell us a bit about her and her podcast! Take a moment to learn a bit about here and than tune in to her podcast 19Stories: from Fear to Hope right here: 19Stories (

1. Name of Podcast: 19Stories: from Fear to Hope

2. Name of Host: Cheryl Holling

3. Three words to describe your podcast: Inspiring, Insightful & Entertaining

4. What was your motivation to do your podcast: I had been planning to launch a podcast with a different theme for over 3 years and was stuck in the GRTGR; Getting Ready to Get Ready phase. There seems to be this idea that we have to launch our podcasts perfectly when in fact it truly is progress over perfection that counts.

When the pandemic hit I realized that "if not now then when" and took the theme of my original podcast and shifted it a bit with the intent to still interview creatives, musicians, voice talent, social activists, etc...and address the fear they were feeling regarding Covid-19, provide an outlet to talk about that fear and yet find out what people were doing to move from that fear to hope...something that we all needed then and still do.

In addition to hearing about the really exciting work that most of my guests are involved with, my podcast has provided a medium for people to talk about things they may not otherwise have the opportunity to do, and it helps them feel heard. It also lets the listener know that others are facing similar challenges and there is always a reason to hold onto hope. Plus, I laugh a lot with my guests and that's something we could use more of these days too.

5. Have you been at this for a bit or is this a new venture for you: Although I launched the pilot of 19Stories in June of 2020, I had about 4 months where I did not release an episode as I was facing some "fear" myself. We were once again having fires in Sonoma County, my computer died, car died...a real country song, LOL and yet I pushed through and regained my own sense of hope that the stories I wanted to tell were important for now and beyond this current time in history.

6. How do you keep your content fresh so that people continue to listen: I have really interesting guests with very unique stories and life-experiences! Some stories are very funny and inspiring. Some are heartbreaking and poignant yet all of them have a beautiful offering of what makes them hopeful. In addition to questions that only pertain to the individual guest, I have several questions that I ask all of my guests. I really listen to what they are saying and adjust the questions accordingly. As much as our time together is a conversation it is really about my guests and their "audio journal' if you will.

7. What is something in your career/show/podcast/life you want to do that you haven’t yet: Wow, great question (you should do a podcast) where do I begin? There are numerous things I'd like to do. I appreciate you asking and I'll share a few.

For my podcast, I want to continue telling people's stories beyond the pandemic. I'd like to find a larger listening audience and find a way to monetize my podcast. However the latter is not my main motivation for doing this podcast at all. 19Stories is currently a one-woman show right now in that I do everything; research, record, host, edit, social media, etc... a true labor of love. Having said that, I still like to keep a roof over my head and eat sometimes! I feel I present a quality podcast and want to keep it that way.

As for my career, I'd love to voice more intros/outros or mid-rolls for other podcasts, be the narrator for TV/Film Documentaries and a PBS Masterpiece show or two (I mean who wouldn't?), voice a character for a Pixar film (I've auditioned several times for them) and eventually travel to and live abroad for several months out of the year when life and my career affords such luxury to do so.

8. Who is on your guest list bucket list: Terry Gross for which I believe the answer is self-explanatory (Terry, if you're reading this you are welcome to join me as a guest anytime ; - )).

9. Last one. What’s something you have to have in the studio with you: Besides my microphone and Red; my red stuffed Teddy Bear that I read copy to? Peace, quiet and a sense of humor to not take things so darn serious even when they are! Oh, and I'd love to add a few additional mics, headphones, bells and whistles. This gal does love her technology.

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