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Platinum Member Spotlight Interview for Between 2 PermsHost: DJ LO-L (Ryan Scot Kilpatrick)

Three words to describe your podcast.

Informative, entertaining, hilarious

What was your motivation to do your podcast?

My motivation was to keep myself honest in regards to my pursuit in a career in comedy, to let people know what is going on with ‘me’ and to keep me focused on creating and sharing my content.

Have you been at this for a bit or is this a new venture for you?

New venture although we have done 20 episodes still new for us.

How do you keep your content fresh so that people continue to listen?

We cover current events and things that happened in the “Week that Was”

What is something in your career/show/podcast/life you want to do that you haven’t yet?

I would like to interview an A-list celebrity that is involved in a breaking story. Get the 'first interview' and be the show where celebrities want to share their stories first.

Who is on your guest list bucket list??

· Dave Chappelle

· Ellen

· Barack Obama

· Denzel Washington

Last one. What’s something you have to have in the studio with you?

· Cigar

· Cognac

· Incense

Video to use:

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