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Tell us a bit about your Podcast Company: I have a service called “Podcast Production Music” which is a division of my company “Monster Mix Productions”. I produce production elements for podcasters. Intro’s, outro’s, bumpers, sponsor ads and theme songs/jingles to add “spice” and “ear candy”. These spots are professionally produced and add a “wow” factor to episodes. I am bringing radio-style production to podcasters from my 15 years of experience in radio. These produced elements include custom music, voiceovers and sound effects to create very cool audio segments. Depending on the type of podcast and host(s) style, they can be humorous and or informative while entertaining the listener and creating excitement and a level of professionalism.

What was your motivation to do this? My motivation was really just being asked by friends who were doing podcasts to make some cool bumpers and intro’s to spice up their content. They were such a hit that I realized there was a niche that I could provide for other podcasters.

Have you been at this for a bit or is this a new venture for you? I have been in production for 21 years and have a full professional recording studio and a stable of voiceover artists and vocalists that I work with.

What is something in your career you want to do that you haven’t yet? Something in my career I would love to do is contract with high level podcast provider services (Buzzsprout, etc) to combine my service with theirs so they can include it in their offerings.

What’s something you have to have in studio with you? In my studio, there are lots of things that are a must for me. My digital console is the heart of the studio and I also rely on a lot of effect plug ins and hardware to create professional productions.

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